The Court and Persons of Interest

Random has been wise (in some opinions) in sharing power. The court has several new progressive positions.

King – Random
Queen – Vialle

Lord Adviser – Gerard
High Sorceress – Fiona
Lord Admiral – Caine
Lord General – Benedict
Lord Guardian – Julian

Queen of Rebma – Moire
Emissary to Rebma – Lady Llewella

Known Youngers

Martin – Son of Random
Merlin – Son of Corwin and Dara

Castle and Amber city people of note

Castle Steward – Lord Brolin
Castle Seneschal – Lord Andrew
Guard Captain – Major Palin
Amber Constable – Constable Chief Franco
Amber Mayor – Honorable Petrov Del
Spymaster – Caleb

The Court and Persons of Interest

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