Son of Flora

Known to have walked the Pattern and dabbles in Sorcery.

Description – A relatively short man (5’2") with long white blond hair, clear piercing turquoise eyes and elfin features with slightly pointed ears.


Daughter of Brand

Description – Tall graceful attractive lady with fair skin and long black hair.


Daughter of Eric – Recognized by Random post Patternfall.

Description – 5’1’’, long and slightly wavy light brown hair with reddish highlights in certain light, lightens to blonde in the summer, sparkling blue eyes. She is always very presentable. In Amber she often wears gold, combined with rose or russet, but by no means always.

Known to have walked the Pattern and Dabbles in trump. Has been at the Castle as long as Random has been king.


Son of Diedre – Recognized by Benedict.

Description – 6’3" tall with dark skin, shoulder length black hair, and brown eyes. Usually found smiling and with a joke ready to tell. Brash, confident, friendly, and always ready and willing to command armies or castle staff. Wears the colours red and silver.


Description – A tall, slim woman with tumbled black hair. She usually appears slightly disheveled or unkempt, but it only lends her a wild beauty. She wears long tunics, and leggings cross-tied for ease of movement. Usually her clothes are in colors of her native plains, browns and golds with touches of green or blue, sometimes with minor embroidery. None of it is red, not even her jewelry. She has six fingers on each hand, instead of the usual five.


Daughter of Random

Description – 5’8” tall and weighs 120 lbs. She has a leanly muscled build of an athlete. She has long, tousled dark brown hair, hazel eyes and bronze skin. Usually dressed in something tight, leather and skimpy.


Court hanger on and old school dilettante

Description -She is a compact and pretty woman, bearing an amazing resemblance to Oberon. As such, she also looks very similar to Oberon’s daughter Flora, though she is less beautiful than that.

Mayhelen Verdigris, Countess

Daughter of Fiona

Description – early 20s. 5 foot 5 inches tall, red haired, thin but with fine muscles. Beautiful but not overwhelmingly so. Known to be a skilled fighter/soldier. Lives somewhere in Shadow.



Muscular human woman mounted on a snakes body. Long green hair, short fanged teeth, with small tight scales leading into larger scales for the lower body.

San Moro

Child of Julian

Late teens and short. Brown hair with small features and large brown eyes. Dresses in well worn simple clothes.


Description – Guy dresses all in black which goes well with his shaggy black hair but less well with his infectious smile that seems to say “all is well with this world for I am in it.” This self-styled heir of Eric is tall and wiry with long limbs, a long face, and a long high nose.

Retired after learning that Amber is a very dangerous place.


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