Another day in Paradise

And so it goes

The youngers have spread through shadow and joined by others to investigate what has happened. And like most mysteries a Shot rings out as another death occurs in Amber city and the Youngers are in hot pursuit.

Nothing to see here

Things have progressed along with many many clues popping up all over the place.

But why while investigating a murder Mystery is there something about missing ships.

Why are there murders also happening in Rebma.

Too many questions not enough answers!

Prequels are happening all over as well. Everyone exploring the universe and themselves somewhere in the past, Yet the Gm waste no time in throwing out useful bits of info, just figuring out what bits apply to the current situation may be the challenge. And sometimes information is just information.


The Game is Afoot

…And lo! A murder had been announced. All the youngers at hand are set to discover the clues and solve the case, while Random and his Queen go skylarking in a foreign shadow for a month.

Gwydion the clinical believes it to be a threat worthy of killing a king, while fair Ninon worries over political repercussions. Syrene and Marilith seem more tied up in each other than any other type of investigation, and Guy completely failed to impress the Amberite commons with his skydiving stunt. Eilir has beaten them all to the scene, but will she actually discover anything useful?

Suspicions abound, and it’s only 10 o’clock in the morning!
-Bradan of the 4th wall

Really, anyone else can post a different summary or point of interest here…

The Auction

Today we had our Attribute Auction! All of a sudden, characters began appearing out of the aether. It was astounding! Four characters have come to light so far, as well as half a dozen NPCs. We don’t know what their abilities and powers will be yet, but it looks exciting so far! I can hardly wait to meet for the first time all the characters who have been around for years!
-Bradan of the 4th Wall

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