Trump Dangers – Trump powers themselves are not dangerous though the use of Trumps can be. Trump contacts for everyone opens themselves to potentially opening one’s mind to another. The contact is personal and intimate and even non Artist can gather information through them.

Anyone can pull out their own Trump and concentrate on it to heighten their resistance to outside powers/influence. A Trump Artist no longer needs to draw their Trump out but can merely, through an act of will, can summon up their own Trump image. They may also maintain this defense with less effort and concentration perhaps allowing them to perform other actions while doing so.
Sensing Trump qualitites not only includes the ability to recognize Trump energies but also to tune into a Trump contact and gain additional information about the contact itself. It also covers an increased sensitivity while using a Trump Scrye. Trump Artist can sense varying aspects of differing cards more readily.
A person with this ability can fan out their Trump deck and try to sense which Trumps are active and in doing so, narrow who may be trying to contact themselves or someone else’s active Trump. It does require that you have the Trump in your deck.
The Artist can make a quick Trump Sketch. This takes about 10-20 minutes usually and creates a temporary Trump to a targeted person or place. Any significant changes on the part of the target will cause the Trump sketch to cease functioning. Also Trump sketching a person or area grants some information about the target. Some information that could be gained is does the target have a specific ability / power or what certain events happened in the area. It is similar to a postcognitive sense.
TRUMP CREATION( Primal Source) 15
A Trump creates a permanent connection to its target regardless of changes over time for the most part. A Trump is a visual representation of that target’s reality. Significant changes on the target’s part do not usually effect its functioning. It can be used, with concentration, as a means to mentally contact an individual or sense a place and travel through to it. A Trump may be used for communication, verbally, mentally or visually. A Trump may be used to travel to or from that target. The Trump itself becomes more real and difficult to damage.
Actual Trump creation must be fueled or anchored by a Primal Source or Power much like backing Sorcery. Each such source has a differing feel about it and may focus or effect the efficiency of its use. Additional backings may be purchased.


Trump Jamming – This is the ability to stop a Trump from functioning. By holding the Trump and concentrating the Artist may generate a static that prevents its use. This would be obvious to a person if done to their Trump, most likely. It can also be used to make contact to an area more difficult, such as, blanketing an area with static if you have a Trump of it.
Trump Spying – Much like using ID Caller but instead actually eavesdropping on a Trump contact and perceiving the communication going on as long as you hold the Trump of the connection. If you have only one Trump then the conversation may be one sided. TRUMP GATE 5
A Trump Gate is an exhaustive effort to hold open a gateway area allowing large groups to pass through. Usually when traveling from one point to another using Trump it is through a dilated hole in reality that only opens sufficiently to allow a person or object through while in contact with one end of the thread. A Gate way opens a much larger hole in reality connecting two points.
A Trump Trap allows a Artist to create a Trump that activates instantly and pulls through the activator. The Trump can appear as something else when first viewed/activated. They can transport unsuspecting users into dangerous shadows/situations or any number of options depending on the Artist skill and imagination.
An Artist can catalog within their mind any Trumps they create after gaining this ability. They no longer need the physical Trump to manipulate it as if it was physical. This does require more effort than having the Physical Trump.


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