Shape Shifting

Dangers of Shape Shifting – Shapeshifting for all its potential has some inherent dangers. The first is Chaos Cancer, Chaos Cancer is a manifestation of individual cells that begin to develop and shift independently of the shifter. It is a parasitic and invasive disease that spreads throughout the body making it difficult to be rid of. The second greatest danger is when the shifter becomes tired or is hurried in their shifting opens the possibility for a loss of control over the shifting. Some facet of the shifter assumes control and may actually maintain itself for a while or the psyche can fracture and shift constantly until it burns itself up or infuses itself totally with Chaos Cancer as a result of the uncontrolled shifting.

SHAPE SHIFT Full cost 35
SHAPE SHIFTING : Each of the basic forms require greater definitions of the advantages, disadvantages and expectations of that form.

Human/Demon Form – This form is the standard / default form for the creature. This form is expected to be humanoid. The humanoid form sets the character apart from the lower creatures of Chaos, who for one reason or another find it difficult to maintain a form of this complexity and exactness. Though this form can have demonic, animalistic or other qualities making each unique, this form has no real advantages or disadvantages.

Chaos Form – This form is used mainly for two purposes: Combat and for survival in a hostile shadow environment (of which Chaos has many). Chaos forms often have more demonic / animalistic features such as claws, spines, scaled or armored skin and other protective / adaptive features. The energy and concentration required to maintain this form are higher than those required to maintain human/demon form but not prohibitively. There are many in Chaos who remain in this form a majority of time. The Chaos form seeks to utilize most available survival / combat option, according to the skill of the user.

Avatar Form – This form varies from the Amber game book in that it is the ultimate expression of the creature’s abilities and powers. This form is the most powerful and addictive. The feeling of perfection is undeniably tempting, but the disadvantages are overwhelming. First; the form consumes energy at a tremendous rate. Second; The control over the form can easily slip away, creating an independent being, no longer maintaining the motivations and will of the character.
The actual forms appearance and abilities are defined by both the player and the GM. Each facet of the character is amplified and including unconscious desires and fears. The ability to control powers, and the amount of power available also may exceed normal. But the increase in powers, such as Logrus, may not always be in the character’s best interest or health.

Shapeshift Wounds – The ability to stitch oneself back together and accelerate healing it requires concentration and skill. This can easily stop blood loss. Though tiring it can greatly accelerated the healing process essential trading Endurance for speed.
Surface Changes – This allows the shapeshifter to alter their outward physical appearance. The shifts are not major enough to constitute a new form but merely alterations such as skin color, hair color/length, skin texture and other minor cosmetic changes, You may appear female without any real internal changes. This requires concentration to change but little to maintain. Actually duplicating another person requires an amount of skill.
Elemental forms include water, fire, air, as well as, wood, metal and other natural forms. Mass may be lost and gained dependent on stats and skill. A limited number are known based on experience and skill. Animal forms follow much the same formula.
Automatic Shifting – Automatic shape shifting is used for specific missions or functions, such as those described in the Amber game book. The responses to those conditions are not automatic, but once the character frees his shape shifting ability from conscious control, it will respond without direction, following a sort of preprogrammed routine. Growing Gills under water etc.
Effect Shape Shifting- Using various forms to impress, as well as, develop your own character’s style, is Effect Shape Shifting. Becoming a column of sparkling gems, steel butterflies orbiting a flame of gold etc. Have no game effect but are considered impressive, showing control and imagination within the Courts of Chaos and some other locales. In fact, in some cases the form leaves a character vulnerable more so than in human form, but also illustrates a certain amount of confidence and bravado.
The Primal Form releases conscious control totally. It allows the body to shift in whatever manner it can to any stimulus. The difference between the Avatar form and the Primal form is the complete lack of control, and that the Primal form uses only Shape shifting with survival as it’s only objective while Avatar form uses anything it can.

Features – Works much like Surface Changes but does not require any concentration once set, it also includes a level of control that would allow duplicating individuals.
Internal Structure – The shifter now has control over their internal structure and can shift them independently of their external appearance. Redundant hearts, increased lung capacity and other features can be shifted into existence. This could be used to sharpen the senses or reduce pain receptors, to switch sexes or create an extra finger or toe.
Animal Abilities – Animal forms requires the complete transition to that animal to gain their abilities but now the shifter can assume a partial shift, gaining claws, tough skin or poison sacks.
Aura – The ability of a shifter to change their mental aura. It does not allow the duplication of another’s aura but the changing, alteration of their own. They can hide what abilities they have or with skill produce the appearance of having others.
Persona – This allows the shifter to duplicate another’s personality and skills. They can literally become someone else. Though powerful or Primal persona does run the risk of being taken over by that person’s mind set.
There are universal symbols of mythology and legend. Manticores, Dragons, Basilisk, Hippogriffs etc. These Primal creatures are reflected throughout shadow. By taking on one of these forms the shifter can access unique abilities and powers but risk losing themselves to the Primal nature of the creature and forever being altered or never returning.
This is a combination of Persona Shifting and Primal Creature were the shifter only attempts to access an aspect of the power a Primal creature possess. It lessens the risk of loss of control but does not remove it nor can some powers be accessed this way.
This ability imparts the power to create a creature of the shifter’s blood. This Blood twin has some of the abilities of the original with a varying level of independence when created. The connection to the original is strong and making a blood creature too independent risk having a twin that thinks he is you.
You can now shape shift others using any of your shape shifting abilities on another. This is an extremely intimate contact crossing mental, physical and spiritual barriers.

Shape Shifting

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