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Merlin – Dara and Corwin’s son – Known to have Logrus, Shapeshifting, Trump, Sorcery and Pattern – six foot tall with dark hair and a neatly trimmed beard. He tends to be self absorbed but otherwise a nice guy. At present known to be studying computer engineering on Shadow Earth.

Martin – Random and Morganthe son – Known to have walked the Pattern – stands at five foot ten inches with a shaved head and a bright red goatee (last he was seen). He has several small silver hoop earrings and a single nose stud of a silver skull. Tends to wear punked out cyber clothing such as leather and jeans. A fairly nice guy but a rebel and free spirit that avoids Amber entanglements.

Christina – Daughter of Fiona – Known to have walked the Pattern and make Trumps. – Five foot four inches tall with strawberry blonde hair and green eyes with her mothers features. Somewhat introverted and quiet, also very reserved. Dresses in simple Amber fashion usually in shades of green.

Sebastion – Son of Moire’ and Corwin – Known to have walked Rebma’s Pattern.- Six foot one inches tall. A well groomed man with black hair, skin in a pale ivory color, Very well dressed for most occasions. Tends to stay in Rebma or Amber. Raised in Amber by Gerard until recently being recognized as Heir to Rebma.

Lilith – Daughter of Julian – Known to have walked the Pattern – Six foot two and atheltically built. Dark brown hair and light brown eyes, very Amazonian in demeaner. Skin color is a weathered tan. Spends a fair amount of time in Arden helping her father and dealing with Arden issues.

Instoke – Son of Brand – Known to have walked the pattern, shapeshift and Logrus – Raised in Chaos. Recognized by Fiona as Brand’s Child. five foot six and a thin frame, dark red hair worn long and tied back. Tends to wear leathers and rough spun cloths. Somewhat brusque in appearance and demeanor.

NPC Page

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