This campaign allows the purchase of part of a power. To reflect the ongoing development of the character. The powers are set up in a hierarchy. To purchase a power, each previously listed power must be bought. If the power has a + sign it may be bought but is not required (unless noted) for later powers. Most powers still work as described in the Amber game book, however a few powers need a more definitive description on how the work in this campaign.

Good stuff and Bad stuff will not often have a direct affect on the game in terms of luck or perception. Instead it will be reflected in having a poor background, like past enemies, bad instructors, or carrying other generally painful experiences or emotional baggage. The Gm reserves these points to be spent as they see fit.

Devotees range in cost from 1 to 6 points. This cost determines the power level of the Devotee versus the how devoted they are. For example having the court cook at a cost of 6 equals a low power devotee who would probably die for you versus having the King at a 6 who is willing to help you out once in a while.
A Devotee looks out for you whenever they can and not only at your request but may show up with help or send a message to forewarn you if possible. Devotees are former allegiances or relationships that you can also call on for aid or information. A trusted source of information or insight.
All Devotees need not be defined but may be a GM created behind the scenes assistant that is looking out for your well being, possibly without your knowledge.
Examples could be castle staff, A group of mercenaries, Uncle or Aunt, Demon or Demon clan, A Logrus user, A merchant or artist. Etc.

Obligations range from 1 to 4 points. This is the reverse of a Devotee, You are someone else’s Devotee willing to help them out if requested. A superior or master that is obeyed, usually without question.

Each contribution is worth 1-2 points. A contribution may consist of web page creation, spell list, logs, diaries, back stories, Trumps, drawings etc. Anything that contributes to an individual character’s development or the game overall. The amount of points is not dependent on the quality of work as much as the effort put into it.


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