Golden Circle

Name: Kashfa

Symbol: Curved Sword held by an Eagle
Colors: Black, Tan, Gold

Political Rulers: King Morgan Arkans

Countryside: Lush Farmlands, Small forest
Cities: Dalen – Commerce center built along plains with several large parks and open bazaars
Geography: Near Begma through Ereganor
People: Happy with new king production is up.

Main Exports: Food stuffs; Grain, apples, vegetables, potatoes, finished woods
Main Imports: Finished goods; Iron, Glass: Attempting to improve Navy.

Religion: 1st United Unicorn Church; Very organized, weekly mass and social events. High Priest Galon
Organizations of Note: None

Relationship to Other Golden Circle Nations: New to circle with ongoing conflict with Begma over Eregnor and refusal to wed Lady Coral to Prince Rinaldo. Otherwise does well trading with new companions.
Relationship to Amber: Still in trial period. Random seems neutral to them.

Name: Begma

Symbol: Oak Tree with Golden Apples as fruit.
Colors: Bright Green, Evergreen, Gold

Political Rulers: Prime Minister Orkuz, Daughter Coral, Nayda

Countryside: Mountains with lush pocket vales, Many unexplored.
Cities: Haleth – Capitol city with lots of new construction/expansion.
Geography: Near Kashfa through Ereganor
People: Religious and hard working

Main Exports: Exotic Goods; Coffee, gems, spices (Best place to grow unusual foods near Amber, Currently fighting over Ereganor which is a good seaport city and field for unusual goods.), Clothes (Silks)
Main Imports: Food stuffs, Cotton cloth, Finished goods

Religion: Celtic / Seasonal Worship, Most turnings of the seasons are observed. Unicorn is the embodiment of Nature.
Organizations of Note: The Church and underground religion involving blood rites and sacrifices.

Relationship to Other Golden Circle Nations: Fair except with Kashfa. Only been a Golden Circle nation a few years now having cleared Trial Membership.
Relationship to Amber: Fairly good except for the Ereganor situation.

Name: Byzantium

Symbol: Lion on a hill with a Broken Stone.
Colors: Purple, White, Red

Political Rulers: Emir T’Leron (Son of Emir Zanitox of House Kant)
ConsortTirela (Daughter of Lord Harn of House Darby)
Other Political Bodies: Seven Noble Houses; Darby, Kant, Jurd, Edlin, Orion, Gamblin, Thorn
Each Lord sits on the Council of Nobles.

Countryside: Wide open plains with sparse areas with trees giving over to prairie / desert.
Cities: Rotan – Largest city, Easily 3 times large rthan Amber City (A Large melting Pot); Each house has a city of its own.
Geography: Large nation (Possibly multi shadowed)
People: Very reserved and Secretive.

Main Exports: Wine, Wool, Grains, Plated Glass, Engineering, Math, Dried Fruits, Finished Textiles, Rugs
Main Imports: Fruits, Meat, Heavy Foodstuff, Rough Textile Materials.

Religion: Ancestor Worship with line of Emirs as the Head Gods.
Organizations of Note: The Hasshin (Assassins) No confirmed reports of Existence.

Relationship to Other Golden Circle Nations: Oldest Golden Circle nation. Very Politically correct, has at times controlled other Circle nations with Political, economic, or other means. Very well off economically.
Relationship to Amber: Supportive and well thought of. Has some political infighting with Amber. Thinks it can influence/take over Amber.

Name: Buzan

Symbol: Unicorn looking over the Church
Colors: White, Gold, Sky blue

Political Rulers: * Lord Tyr; Defender of the Faith (A title granted to the head public administrator)
*Other Political Bodies
: Pope Anwar Delwick (Church Heirarchy)

Countryside: Rolling hills/mountains with lots of water/lakes and rivers.
Cities: City of Life (Meca and main church) Mostly administrators and Religious administrators.
Geography: Mountainous area over Kolvir Pass.
People: Honest hard working folk. Not much interested in the life outside their own.

Main Exports: Rice, Distilled alcohols, small watercraft, Religous Icons. Small crafts
Main Imports: Spices, Cloth, honey, sugars

Religion: Highly hierarchal version of the Unicorn Church. The Church controls most aspects of the local Buzan citizens life. The populous is very religious and considers most other outsiders as heathens. The Amber Royal family is a point of contention at the moment with t he established.
Organizations of Note: The Brotherhood of freedom – A heretical fringe group.
The Regeneration – heretical Tree/Nature worshiping cult.

Relationship to Other Golden Circle Nations: Smallest Circle member. Not well respected by the crown but liked by the more common man. Has some wealth due to gem stone mines.
Relationship to Amber: Well liked during Oberon’s rein and relations have cooled over time.

Name: Cabra

Symbol: Stone mountain with city at the bottom
Colors: Yellow, Orange, Green

Political Rulers: Lord Mayor (elected for life) Jorrem
Other Political Bodies: Guilds are organized along various lines each has a representative on the Regency Council.

Countryside: cross between Venice and Austria. Lots of old mountains with castles and canals everywhere.
Cities: Arrien – Largest city set at the bottom of a large valley with waterways formed by a 350 foot water fall that stands behind the city.
Geography: Close to Byzantium, 3 days ride or so.
People: Artistic, generally friendly, a little absorbed with t hier own culture and arts.

Main Exports: Theater / Opera / Ballet companies, Hardwoods, dyes, rough stone for building.
Main Imports: Food stuffs of allkinds, A few spices the local food is rather bland to most taste except for their own. Cloth/textiles, Finished goods.

Religion: Secular Activities are personal matters. Not particularly religious. Atheism is prized as the next step in logical thought.
Organizations of Note: Guilds for artistic forms. Each Guild is dependent on nobility and public mans for support. The highest Guilds are supported by the government and controlled trends are common.

Relationship to Other Golden Circle Nations: Well respected for cultural exports with traveling companies being common. It is somewhat indebted from Patternfall due to its lack of an Army and funding called for by Amber.
Relationship to Amber: Currently in disfavor as time has been given for repayment of Loans. Trying to renegotiate Treaties.

Name: Medina

Symbol: Manta Ray
Colors: Grey, Black, Purple

Political Rulers: Queen Stephanie (Has no suitors)

Countryside: Lots of open land, forest cliffs, beaches and other tourist like locations. A Lots of island / Tropical like fun. Also has more African terrain for big game hunting in the interior.
Cities: Medin Bermuda / Tropics city of low lying buildings in white stone with colorful decorations.
Geography: In the northern waters a somewhat isolated island of some size.
People: Extroverted and helpful.

Main Exports: Tourism, Hand made craft objects.
Main Imports: Fairly self sufficient though they import Tourist and some spicesand rough materials to be worked by locals.

Religion: Unicorn church but little heavy observance, usually for marriages, holidays etc.
Organizations of Note: None

Relationship to Other Golden Circle Nations: On good terms as many like to vacation here and Medina is not particularly demanding of other nations.
Relationship to Amber: Pleasant on the surface but King Random goes unrecognized by the Crown despite the time span of his rule. Queen treats him as a Regent.

Name: Alluvium

Symbol: Dragon curled around a sword
Colors: Silver, Blue, Yellow

Political Rulers: King Harleson (A Regent/ duke promoted when king died at Patternfall)
Queen Dorea
Other Political Bodies: Counsel of Great Knights (Army, Navy, Commerce, Forest Guard, People, The Church Etc.)

Countryside: Small Kingdom Along Arden border. Lots of Forest with A Single mesa to the far south treated as a holy retreat area (Possible Primal Source)
Cities: Jarnis – A rustic frontier sort of place not all that large comparatively speaking.
Geography: Adjacent to Arden uses their paths for travel.
People: Not very friendly more introverted than most.

Main Exports: Wood and wood crafts, Furniture, Oil (Petroluems), Furs, horses.
Main Imports: Food stuffs uncommon to the forest/plains, Distilled alcohols, Metal and metal works.

Religion: Unicorn church with a high reverence / Superstition of the Fey folk or “Bright Ones”
Organizations of Note: The King’s Companions (12 – knights of justice (Not necessarily knights but adventurer types who serve the crown)

Relationship to Other Golden Circle Nations: Good but isolated since so far off trade routes.
Relationship to Amber: Well liked friendly and supported by Julian.

Name: Teleroth

Symbol: Tiger Shark
Colors: Tan, Brown, Red

Political Rulers: Lord Jihak
Jihaks Sons – Eldridge – Known Sorcerer
Releg (Twins – Currently out of realm (Pirating?))
Tewelen (Twin – Currently visiting Amber)

Countryside: Mostly a chain of islands from tropical to sub-tropical.
Cities: Murnelo – A starting city just becoming civilized.
Geography: In the southern waters.
People: Used to be corsairs and now having grown out of mere bandatiry and pirating.

Main Exports: Fish, Fruit, Ships, Sugar, honey, brandy
Main Imports: Foodstuff, Textiles, Wood for ships.

Religion: No central a miss mash of Superstitions and individual faiths.
Organizations of Note: Ships or groups of ships form their own clan/guild. Structure varies.

Relationship to Other Golden Circle Nations: Fairly poor, as seen as, pirates and Brigands. Though their new commerce is starting to be sought over.
Relationship to Amber: Served during Patternfall and was instrumental. Asked to join by Eric though still in trial period but that is almost over.

Name: Helicet

Symbol: The Great White Stag
Colors: Green, Brown, White

Political Rulers: Princess Alianora
Other Political Bodies: Duke Jasper (Pushing for son (Jorn) to marry Princess.)
Lord Dillon of Amber (Possible Suitor)
Dukes Galen and K’Wint (In somewhat open Rebellion)

Countryside: Misty Moors and hilly high country
Cities: Morland, Set in a defensible valley and currently a place of contention.
Geography: Close to Byzantium.
People: Fierce Support of the Prince and self absorbed at this time. Once known as a fierce and proud people.

Main Exports: Grains, Beer, gems and Jewelry, Mechanical devices (Clocks etc)
Main Imports: Production quality metals, Exotic food stuffs, Artisans

Religion: Pantheon worship (Eerily similar to the Elders)
Organizations of Note: none

Relationship to Other Golden Circle Nations: Unstable as civil war has caused issues as people of vied for support from the outside during the stalemate.
Relationship to Amber: Unstable with the Princess ,as yet, an unrecognized Heir.

Name: Pennerret

Symbol: A trident piercing a fish
Colors: Soft Blue, deep blue, white

Political Rulers: Lord Mayor Gronar Shatterfist

Countryside: Rocky cliff faces that plunge into the sea.
Cities: Parliament – A cliff side city of ancient stone.
Geography: sits on border of what is considered the Northen and Southern seas of Amber
People: Independent and gregarious. Friendly but quick to anger or be insulted.

Main Exports: Fish, Worked stone and quarried stone, Rough Gem stones and precious metals.
Main Imports: Food stuffs other than sea food, wood, Educated folk.

Religion: Sea worship of a vengeful uncaring Gods.
Organizations of Note: None

Relationship to Other Golden Circle Nations: Good is a main port and way point for other sea lane nations. Once, during Oberon’s rein, was a Viking like raiders but only the cultural remnants remain.
Relationship to Amber: Good. Though proud they seem subservient to Amber.

Golden Circle

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