Basic Requirements to Play and GM advice


Character Name : Aliases

Attributes :

Powers :

Artifacts, Creatures, Shadows (ways), Devotees etc.

Skill Areas 8-12 : Areas of specific interest and training such as; protocol, dueling, research, technology, merchant, Ways creation, art, dancing, fencing, political science, computers etc.

Character’s Motivation : Such as; seek position, survival, exploring powers, exploring the universe, learning a secret etc.

Personality Traits : Such as; mean, carefree, frantic, insane, reserved, cruel, vengeful, trusting, optimistic etc.

Short Term goals : Such as; serve the crown, find out who my parent is etc.

Long Term Goal : Such as; gain the throne, understand the universe, create a new Amber

Descriptions : of human form and others (Chaos, Avatar etc)

Game Master Advice
It is best to bid on at least two stats.
Do not sell more than one stat down to Chaos.
Pick a character concept and stick with it.
Have a means of moving through shadow you can depend on.
You have 150 points to spend. Spend them wisely asking questions often as needed.

Basic Requirements to Play and GM advice

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