Short, elfin white blond haired son of Flora


Gwydion is a short elfin figure normally smartly dressed in a long surcoat with a walking cane, though he does not seem to need it as a walking cane. He has white blond hair and piercing turquoise eyes. He is normally immaculately dressed and normally seems handsome and charming.


Known History

Gwydion came to Amber shortly after the war. He was brought to the Castle by Flora who introduced him to the assembled Elders as her son. Shortly afterwards he was allowed to attempt to walk the Pattern, which he succeeded at, disappearing for some time.

He usually tells people to call him Gwyn as people often find his real name a bit of a mouthful.

Since then he has returned periodically to the Castle for short periods of time before heading back off into shadow. Recently he has come back and has been in the Castle for at least a month now, longer than he has previously stayed in Amber.


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