Backwoods Lady


Assuming all of this will be visible publicly, I am only giving out public knowledge here. (And.. it may change.)

Character Name : Eilir
Attributes : one would assume decent psyche, since she practices sorcery.
Powers : Sorcery
Artifacts, Creatures, Shadows (ways), Devotees etc. 8 white horses
Skill Areas 8-12 : horses and woodsy stuff
Character’s Motivation :
Personality Traits : Nervous, shy

Descriptions : tall, slim woman, tumbled black hair, usually unkempt, never wears anything red. Has six fingers on each hand.


Castle_of_the_Crystal_-_Pure.jpg Eilir’s home tower.

Eilir arrived in Amber some time within the past couple of years. She seems to slip in and out, and has never been seen involved in anything public.

She lives in a tree cottage in the forest of Arden, and calls her eight white horses ‘cousins’. She rides them without saddle or bridle, and they have a way of making stablehands do exactly as they wish.

Eilir has made cautious friends with Ninon and Angelique, acting as a wallflower at some of the parties the two have intended. She keeps a flattish, mirrored dish with her whenever possible, often concealed in a pocket or a side pouch.
[About Character img: yes, it’s a wig picture. If you want it for cosplay, there are tons of vendors online.]
Background inspiration Song
[A word about this: The song is inspired by Marion Zimmer Bradley’s world of Darkover. She was never fond of any fans ‘changing’ her ideas about her world, and is reported many times at conventions to have walked out of the hall when fan songs were played, tight-lipped with fury. Despite this, her fans continue to love her world and her stories, and this song has become a legend in fan filking circles.]


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