Another day in Paradise

The Game is Afoot

…And lo! A murder had been announced. All the youngers at hand are set to discover the clues and solve the case, while Random and his Queen go skylarking in a foreign shadow for a month.

Gwydion the clinical believes it to be a threat worthy of killing a king, while fair Ninon worries over political repercussions. Syrene and Marilith seem more tied up in each other than any other type of investigation, and Guy completely failed to impress the Amberite commons with his skydiving stunt. Eilir has beaten them all to the scene, but will she actually discover anything useful?

Suspicions abound, and it’s only 10 o’clock in the morning!
-Bradan of the 4th wall

Really, anyone else can post a different summary or point of interest here…


delphistar101 Zincht

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