It has been 40 years since the beginning of the reign of King Random. He has been a better liked king than many would have thought. He approaches the crown with a progressive stance and shares a great deal more of the power than any before him.

Things are prosperous for the Kingdom of Amber as it has recovered from the devastation wrought by the Black Road war. Finally over the past few years the youngers have come out of hiding and are being presented before the crown and kingdom.

The Court and Persons of Interest


You can create a younger choosing to be recognized or not by your parent.

You can be several hundred years old if desired or newly minted as an Amberite the choice is yours.

You could have been in Amber up to 40 years, or so.

There will be other NPC youngers in existence and their roles will be dependent on what niches the players choose to fill. Only Martin and Merlin are for sure.

The second series of books have not taken place and though elements of them may be introduced, the story and plot in the Merlin series does not and will not exist, at least in part.

Rules will be here and broke into various categories making reading easier and easier to locate.

Basic rules


NPC Page – Youngers

Golden Circle

Courts of Chaos

Notes of interest to players Unorganized Gm thoughts

Elders Gm only

Rankings Gm only

GM notes

Another day in Paradise

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